Coyote in Trouble - Wushka New Zealand Cloud-based Levelled Reading Program

Coyote in Trouble

Reading level
  • Reading Level: Turquoise (Levels 17-18)
Reader Description

That Coyote! He thinks he's clever. But he's always in trouble. Some other animals play tricks on Coyote. He tries to be clever and trick them, too, but then he gets into more trouble. Do you think he'll ever learn?

After you have completed the Reader

Coyote thinks he is clever. How would these stories be different if Coyote listened to the other animals instead of thinking he is always right? Retell the "Coyote and Turtle" story from pages 14 to 19. Imagine that Coyote believes Turtle when she says that she wasn't singing. What would happen next? Write a new ending.

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